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††††††††††† Although we have tried on this site, and in our book, to give you as much information as possible about the business of modeling, there is just too much information, on too many types of topics, for us to cover it all. So here are some other resources that supplement the information on this site, that we have reviewed and approved as worthwhile:

Our own book: The Professional's Guide to Modeling

The only book on the market that gives readers a comprehensive education on the business aspects of modeling of all types, including fashion, commercial, glamour, Internet and other kinds.


The Complete Idiot's Guide to Being a Model, 2nd Edition

The best of the how-to books for a new fashion model from a modelís perspective, full of useful inside tips on how to be a model, and the craft of modeling.


The Professional Model's Handbook

An enormously detailed, thorough discussion of how to be a model, from creating your image, makeup and hair styling, and wardrobe, to the business aspects of modeling. Includes some useful data and reference information not available from any other source. Unfortunately it has not been updated, and much of the ďimageĒ related information is now obsolescent. Still, a wonderfully useful and unique resource for the very committed professional model.


How to Become a Successful Commercial Model

A hands-on guide to being a commercial model from a man who has done over 1,000 commercial jobs. An excellent how-to resource from a modelís perspective. Mr. Marcus continues to act and model, and makes numerous presentations in modeling conventions, model searches and seminars nationwide.


Kids Plus Modeling Equal Money

Written by the mother of four successful child models, this book presents a somewhat optimistic view of the market for children, but is chock full of well thought-out advice that applies specifically to the problems the parents of child models face.


You Too Can Be a Fitness Model

Fitness modeling is a niche market that most people don't understand. Clark gives the best explanation of it available.


Model: The Ugly Business of Beautiful Women

A thick, complex page turner, full of all the gossip and behind the scenes goings-on you could imagine. Richly researched and documented, this book presents the seamier side of the fashion modeling world. In large measure (but not entirely) the practices he documents are reduced or gone in todayís American fashion modeling scene, although not so much changed in Europe. A must read for parents and young women who are considering becoming editorial fashion models. It is an extreme look at reality, not representative, but sufficiently accurate that itís message should be understood.


Model: A Memoir

The personal story of a young girl who entered the New York fashion modeling world, encountered its pitfalls, and lived to tell an entertaining and accurate tale of it. Cheryl Diamond's story is typical of what hundreds of new models in second or third tier fashion agencies experience (although some of the names have been changed to protect the guilty) and it should be read by any model - and their parents - who plan on trying their luck as fashion models in the Big City. While some of the things she experienced are the result of being with the specific agency she was with - one that has a reputation in the industry much like she describes - her discussion of the way the fashion industry works at that level, and the people in it, rings very true.



Photographer's Legal Guide

Written by a lawyer who specializes in the law of photography, this book contains an excellent, plain language description of the legal issues that face all small business people - like models - and especially things like copyright, models rights, and tax questions. Although written from the standpoint of a photographer, it's also of great value to models who really want to understand the legal aspects of the industry and of being in business.


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