Editor’s Note:  Paul Fisher has spent two decades representing the most famous models in the world:  Stephanie Seymour, Naomi Campbell, Eva Herzigova, Janice Dickinson, Monica Bellucci, Carole Alt, Carre' Otis and hundreds of other famous faces.   He has trained many of today’s top modeling agents and has seen the fashion modeling industry first hand and up-close.  He is now the CEO of The Network, an international consortium of fashion modeling agencies.


Although the article is written specifically for female fashion models, much of it applies equally to other models as well.



Rejection, Modeling and Self Image

- By Paul Fisher


What do you see when you look in the mirror?


A Model sees their flaws and their flaws only! Every flaw, imaged or not, they see and usually, that is all they see.  Their flaws! Will their body ever compare to Giselle’s, will their lips ever be as full as Angelina’s?


The most beautiful people in the world are the most insecure people in the world.  Period, bottom line.  Yes that is correct, The Naomis, Giselles, Kate Moss’s of the world do NOT think they are attractive.  I know you are saying to yourself, how the hell is that possible? They are perfect looking, they are on the covers of magazines, they are dating the most famous guys in the world!  Yet trust me, this is fact not an opinion.


Models are surrounded by the most beautiful people in the world.  They are being compared to, and comparing themselves to, perfect looking people every minute of every day.  Any time we ask a 15 or 16 year young girl to be judged so often, so critically on their physical appearance sooner or later, usually sooner, this person’s entire existence stems from their perception of their physical appearance.  The models physical features are put underneath a microscope daily.


Imagine going on casting five times a day, 1200 times a year. It is a killer. You are having your looks judged every day, getting your ego beat up, your self worth destroyed for pennies.  How full are your lips?  Do you show gums when you smile, (T.M.G. too much gums) how is your weight?  Are your eyes too close together?  Let me see the bridge of your nose.  Your eyebrows . . . do you have cellulite, are your breasts perky or are they sagging or are they raisins?  Let’s look at your hair now, nappy?  Too curly, too straight, too much forehead . . . and on and on and on.  Being put underneath a microscope is an understatement. 1200 times a year…. 1180 times they are telling you what is wrong with one of those features I just mentioned.


When a model gets rejected, (those 1180 times) they are not hearing, “you are not right for this particular booking”. What they are hearing inside their soul is that they are not good looking! This is not easy to get used to when you are 15, 16 or even 25 years old….. Time and time again hearing, “YOU ARE NOT GOOD LOOKING”…..


When people are judged about their political beliefs, their religious ideologies, who they will vote for is one thing, being judged on ones physical looks, time and time again . . . it affects their self worth. This can be very damaging to a young person.




This article is an excerpt from Mr. Fisher’s forthcoming book “Forbidden Fruit” about modeling at the apex of the fashion industry.  Used by permission.  Article copyright 2010 Paul Fisher