Editorís Note:† Paul Fisher has spent two decades representing the most famous models in the world:† Stephanie Seymour, Naomi Campbell, Eva Herzigova, Janice Dickinson, Monica Bellucci, Carole Alt, Carre' Otis and hundreds of other famous faces.†† He has trained many of todayís top modeling agents and has seen the fashion modeling industry first hand and up-close.† He is now the CEO of The Network, an international consortium of fashion modeling agencies.


Although the article is written specifically for female fashion models, much of it applies equally to other models as well.


What to do at Castings and Jobs

- By Paul Fisher

At Castings:




1) Be Happy. Smile

2) Be professional & courteous at all times.

3) Always be on time

4) Carry a pair of Thongs / Sandals with you at all times (to save traumatizing your feet)

5) If you have a full day of castings, plan properly (subways, cabs)

6) If the casting people have a special request (within reason), donít feel stupid, just do it

7) Remember to ALWAYS bring your book stocked with cards or portfolio sheets

8) If you donít have a lot of time, prioritize your castings

9) If you have a commercial booking and get your lines ahead of time, learn them!

10) Make yourself memorable . . . maybe a two line joke . . . something to set you apart from 200 people

11) Always have a bikini, tank top, nude bra and panties and heels with you all day in your bag.




1). Donít be "pushy" when going on castings

2) Donít take not getting a booking personally...

3) Donít go on a casting that your booker has no knowledge of.

4) Donít bring your personal problems into a casting room

5) Donít show up drunk, hung over or offensively unkempt to a casting

6) Donít be too disruptive in the casting room Ė a few laughs are fun, but being too loud is just rude and disruptive

7) Remember this isn't rocket surgery or brain science....The client is looking for a look . . . not a soul

8) Remember why you are there.† Make a point to be engaging


On Jobs:




1) Be on time, always

2) Bring water and a snack (just in case they donít have food)

3) Always have makeup and makeup-remover with you.

4) Bring warm clothes because you never know when the weatherís going to change

5) Be nice to everyone! Even the assistants. Even the assistants to the assistants

6) Figure out whoís in charge and make an effort to get on their good side

7) Genuinely try to connect with the photographer and client so you can understand their direction and they can see that you actually earn your money

8) Take direction from the photographer

9) Write thank you letters to photographers and clients you work with for important jobs

10) Be yourself (within reason)

11) Have fun... or at least pretend you are

12) Set boundaries if youíre asked to do something completely unprofessional.... if youíre unsure of whatís professional, call your booker and ask

13) Always have a bikini, tank top, nude bra and panties. and heels, with you all day in your bag.




1) Discuss your rates with other Models

2) Discuss your rate with the client. (That is your bookerís job)

3) Discuss 'details' of future bookings. (That is your bookers job)

4) Have 'friends' come to your bookings.

5) DONíT Sign any agreement/model release without your booker first approving

6) DONíT negotiate your own rates with anybody! EVER!

7) DONíT be rude to anybody

8) DONíT drink alcohol within 48 hours of a photo-shoot

9) Donít complain

10) Donít drink on the job . . . if lunch calls for it, drink the minimum





This article is an excerpt from Mr. Fisherís forthcoming book ďForbidden FruitĒ about modeling at the apex of the fashion industry.† Used by permission.Article copyright 2010 Paul Fisher