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Publisher of The Professional's Guide to Modeling


In 2007 we went beyond the brief introduction to the modeling industry at and published a greatly expanded, much more detailed book which describes the business of being a model: The Professional's Guide to Modeling. The book has been very well received, and is being used by model agencies to teach their models what they need to know about the business, as well as by hundreds of models, models' parents, photographers and other industry professionals. It has also been translated into both Russian and Chinese.

The industry response has been gratifying, and we started receiving inquiries about bulk purchases by companies, and even by one photographer who felt it was so valuable he started handing it out to models. This page is for those who have found our book valuable, and want to purchase it in quantity.

We are pleased to offer discounts in quantities as low as five books, with graduated discounts for greater quantities. Just send an email to the publisher, let us know who you are and what your needs are, and we will try to work out something to help you.

Thanks for your interest in our book!

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